How To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank 362/$ (2019)

How To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank (Last Updated On: October 29, 2019)

Hi, my name is Max. In this article, I will be guiding you on how to Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank 2019 and how to receive money in Nigeria without using any paypal exchanger or third party. Its Do It Yourself. All you need is just to follow the guide (just a few steps) and then sit back and watch your paypal fund drop to your account in naira(if in Nigeria, or in your currency if not) and ready to withdraw.

Most read** How to withdraw from paypal account to Nigeria bank

Some months ago, I was in a deep research on how each individual in Nigeria and even all Africa country that doesn’t have access to withdraw there paypal com fund will be able to do that with ease. Until my Boss and at the same time Friend MR KENNEDY PROSPER (PayPalNigeria Boss paypal cashout method), put an end to my sweat.

Initially, when we haven’t known about How To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank. what we have been practicing if we want to withdraw from paypal was to create a USA or South Africa verified paypal account and connect or link it to payoneer account. Then from payoneer we can now withdraw to our Nigeria bank account. But this method, the money drop to our domiciliary account (Dollar account) not in our currency. And again, we will need to look for means to exchange the dollar. Either exchange with the bank or use “Aboki”(commonly use in Nigeria to exchange dollar to naira at cool rate).

This method of linking payoneer account for withdrawal does not work for UAE, Lesotho, Morocco and some other paypal country account because these countries payoneer does not operate there. So eventually, there was no alternative way to withdraw paypal fund except to create USA paypal account and link it to payoneer. After witdrawing the fund from paypal to payoneer, you can then send money to nigeria from usa payoneer bank.

But in recent days, we noticed some changes in their security system. We started encountering issue of “Payment Held” which was not like that before. Initially, after receiving paypal payment, either GnS or FnF, the money will immediately be available in your available balance. But soon after, we notice that every GnS payment received from a new USA paypal account, will be placed on ‘Hold’ for 21 days. Where any money in paypal pending balance can not been use for anything unless it is available to you.

This drastic changes boosted my aim to find another solution on How To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank UAE, Lesotho and other commonly use paypal account, and I guess this boosted my boss aim too. Today, we are sharing the good news on how you can create paypal account, receive and transfer worldwide, and even withdraw with ease at 362/$ (normal naira to dollar exchange rate) and protect you from limitations.

>>Learn To Withdraw Your PayPal Fund At 362/$ Yourself In Nigeria(UAE, Lesotho, Morocco and other paypal account)

Ever since we have been using PayPal, after we have linked our card, and even verified it, the card will only be for deposit purpose only. It won’t appear at the withdrawal option list on the withdrawal page. I guess you should know that if you are not a newbie to using paypal.

Luckyly, out of our research, we discorvered this hidden VISA card which i will be showing you, that when linked to Paypal account, it will appear on the paypal withdrawing option and ready to be used for withdrawal. This VISA card has been tested with different accounts, different countries PayPal account and it works.

With the help of this VISA card, you will be able to process your withdrawal directly from paypal account in Nigeria, and within 20 mins, you will receive alert even and the money is automatically converted to naira, which mean you get your alert in Naira at 362/$.

Amazing? or Too sweet? which one are you having in mind currrently? well I don’t think doubt should be an option for you because you know XPRESSPAYER is a trusted and verified exchange platform. We have actually been using this method to exchange paypal you exchange with us for long time now. We decided to share this method to Free people from the GRIP or should I say almost SLAVERY GRIP of paypal in Nigeria and some other Africa countries. Here is a great chance for your freedom by learning How To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank.

>Check series of proves below images.

How To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria BankHow To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank,  How To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank

How To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank

>> How Does It Work And How To Get The VISA Card(Paypal Withdrawal at Best Rate)

Here are some question which you may currently have in mind, How Does It Work And How To Get The VISA Card?
1. The card is totally FREE to acquire, and you can get it any where in Nigeria, and some other Africa countries too.

2. For every withdrawal, paypal deduct $5 charges on every amount. Either you are withdrawing $10 or $10,000, the same charges will still be deducted.

3. There is no limit in amount withdrawal nor times to withdraw. What this simply means is that you can withdraw any amount, and you can withdraw two or more time in a day, so far you have the money in your account.

>> How To Get The card

I have packaged this guard “Ultimate  Guide on How To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank” as a ebook (PDF) for you but before you can be able to download it, you need to appreciate our effort with just #5,000 only.

You can likewise pay with paypal fund, $20. kindly contact me on whatsapp +16267755807 or click this link to redirect you to my whatsapp here

Its actually cheap and worth more than that. Knowing How To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank will actually help you in below ways:

1. We give you support: if you have any question, or you have any issue, we will be here to attend to you through our facebook, whatsapp, email, livechat and phone calls. We have actually added all issue you may encounter in the ebook and how to solve them, but if you need more support, we will be here to help you out.

2. Form of Business Idea: There are still thousands of people out there still looking for trusted exchangers to exchange there fund. They are so despirate that they even sell at 250/$. Yes, I have met many. You can take this as an opportunity (inshort, life-changing one).
You buy from them at 250/$ and you exchange it at 362/$. Now assuming you bought 1000$ at #250,000 and so you exchange at #362,000. so 362,000 -250,000 = 112,000. Imaging earning #112,000 profit at a go?

3. Freedom From Scam: One of the major problem we frelancers in Nigeria is exposure to scam. We mostly earn in paypal and thousands of dollars has been lost over the years to scammers that claim to be exchangers.

Knowing how to Do It Yourself really worth more than #5000. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

You can likewise pay with paypal fund, $20. kindly contact me on whatsapp +16267755807 or click this link to redirect you to my whatsapp here

Alternative Method To How To Withdraw From Paypal Directly To Nigeria Bank at 310/$

XpressPayer is an online exchange platform to Exchange your PayPal at 310/$, we exchange payoneer at 330/$ we also exchange Bitcoin, Perfect money, Bitcoin and other emoney.
Payment is withing a day to you bank account. Adding money to your account is automatic online. Click here to exchange with us.

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  1. I am trying this soon. I’m hoping it works because i am tired of using someone else paypal account from another country.

    1. If you don’t have any ID and you need the account urgent, you can use any random numbers. Just insert 11 digits. there is no verification behind it. it will work perfectly.

  2. Gooday, I opened a Nigerian paypal account through a Lesotho PayPal account. Just want to know if I get this ebook, and I am been shown how to withdraw, what country of origin should I use that is if I am to sign up in one of the money making site online? Should I say/type Nigeria or Lesotho since it`s a Nigerian-Lesotho account?
    Secondly, can I use a temporal National ID (Slip form) for the verification process?
    Please tell me cause i`m about to make payment.

  3. I’m glad I come across this, I can’t believe my paypal money is dropping in like this…

    It was really swift an cool… I owe you more man.

  4. Hi boss,
    I’m about to make payment but I need to know what country of origin I should use if I am to signing up in one of the money making sites online? I’m about to sign up to one right now.

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