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  1. This is the best article I’ve read/seen on the internet on how to withdrawing PayPal funds to Nigeria. If I get the ebook titled: “How to create a USA PayPal account and withdraw” can i use my first bank verve card to withdraw? if no, can i use my first bank or any bank visa card to withdraw?

    1. Hello sir,

      You can’t withdraw your paypal with your verve card, neither can you use any visa card to withdraw paypal in Nigeria.

      However, there is a perticular VISA card that can help you to withdraw in Nigeria at 362/$. unfortunately, this card doesnot work with USA account. but you can withdraw your USA paypal account using payoneer.

      Kindly whatsapp me at +16267755807 or call 07084958060

      1. Ok. If i get the account, what country of origin should i use that is i’m about to sign in for any money-making website? Should i use say Nigeria or Lesotho? just confused though since it’s a Lesotho-Nigerian Paypal account.

  2. This is really a nice article.. well done admin.

    Please I mistakenly confirmed a business name. Will my customers see that name while trying to make payment?

    1. Thank so much for the did not made mention of the best Nigeria banks that accepts paypal instead of trying all mastercard.Thanks in anticipation

  3. Great work Max, after opening the Lesotho PP acct. Can you further lecture me on how to make reasonable income into the PP acct through various income generated websites and safely withdraw my fund anytime? I think am prepare to buy your ebook assuredly if it truely worth my investment in internet money making knowledge. I am frantically waiting to here your reply. Or may I have your email address pls. Thanks for the free gift. I am currently doffing my cap for you……

    1. thank you for this kind words.

      There are hundreds of ways to make money, but one i always recommend is freelancing. having a service you can offer to people online sucha as logo design, writing content. You can easily monetize this your skill on fiverr or upwork which quarantee your thousands in dollars monthly.

      other ways are through affiliate or marketing, surveying and other.

      If you need more, feel free to contact me through watsapp sir. Thanks.

  4. hello max,please is there a way to whatsapp,I need to ask some important questions about limitations in the Lesotho paypal account

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