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How to Create a South Africa Paypal in Nigeria (Last Updated On: June 8, 2019)

Have you been searching for how to create an international paypal account that works in Nigeria without vpn? Hi, am Max. In this article I will be guarding you on how to create a south africa paypal in Nigeria without vpn.

>>Difference between South Africa Paypal account and UEA Paypal account

You may be wondering whats are the differences between South Africa and United emirate arab(UEA) paypal account or from any other country paypal account and why you should learn  how to create a south africa paypal in Nigeria ?
Well, if you actually have all this in mind then this section is for you.

1. The major differences between south Africa and UEA account is south Africa paypal can receive both friends and family (fnf) and goods and services payment (gns) while UEA can not receive payment from friends and family but only goods and services (gns only)

2. Another differences is that they have entire different method of withdrawing in Nigeria while the withdrawing method does not work for each other. i.e Withdrawing via payoneer can only work with south Africa Paypal and withdrawing using the visa card method can only work with UEA paypal account.

My recommendation of which the country account you should create is:
1. Well depending on where you are expecting payment. if you won’t be recieving FnF payment, then I recommend UAE account (although USA paypal account is the best, save from limitations).

2. What other thing that will help you decide is their withdrawing method. How long they take and there processing, while the Card method is the easiest and fasted method to withdraw from paypal account.

With the tips above, I hope it will help you decide the paypal account to choose from.

>>How to create a south africa paypal in Nigeria  without VPN

This guard on  how to create a south africa paypal in Nigeria that you about to learn should not be shared in your own name or your company name, or package it as a sale content.

==> Goto or click on

==> Click on the paypal ‘Signup’ Button and select the type of the account you wish to create either “business or personal account”

 how to create a south africa paypal in Nigeria

==>Don’t change the country from south Africa

 how to create a south africa paypal in Nigeria

==> Enter your first name and last name, Your email and password at there right places: for this, you can use your real identity. I mean your real names.

==> Clicking on the ‘Next button’ will div you to another page where they will request “Address”, “Date of birth”, “ID details”. For the “Address” you are to get a fake south Africa address from, Enter your Date of birth, and select National ID, then put in your national ID number.

 how to create a south africa paypal in Nigeria


==>In the phone number area, don’t alter the country code, then add any 9 digit numbers to complete it, I actually added the last 9 digits of my phone number.

Note: make sure you note down the ID number, Date of birth and the address you use for future purpose. Case may rise that you may need to refer to it.

 how to create a south africa paypal in Nigeria

Thats all the process of creation. You are to login to the email account you use to register and confirm the email by clicking on the verification link in the mail you will receive from paypal. By clicking on this link, it will redirect you to the paypal login page.

Enter the email and password you used to create the account and login. Having completed this verification, your account is then fully set up and you can access it anytime.

Not usually but if you login into your account and you see a pop up of phone confirmation message, just click on the “Not Now” button. You don’t have a choice than to click on Not Now button because we did not use a legit south Africa number to create the account. But if incase you use a real south Africa phone number to register, that you can click verify button. You will receive a code as message on the number to verify it.

The other verification process is to link or add a bank or card to you paypal account. This is very important to verify your paypal account to avoid some consequences especially limitation. Though, you can use your account to send and receive, perform every transaction even for a very long time without verifying it.

To verify your paypal account, click on Add a Bank or Card. you will be giving options to add a US bank or Add you debit or credit card. Click on add card and then then add your card details accordingly (You can actually use your Nigeria card to verify it). After confirming the card, your paypal verification status will changed to verified.

Now that you have known  how to create a south africa paypal in Nigeria  and verified south Africa paypal account. You may be wondering how to withdraw your fund to Nigeria. To withdraw from south Africa paypal to Nigeria, here is the guard. Max wish you good luck.

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